Self Cleaning Juicer



A game changer in fresh squeeze orange juice for retails.

Citrus juicers made by Zumex are getting popular in Retail supermarkets, especially in European market. However this machines were initially designed for coffee shops. This category of juicers for this market has been consolidated. The callenge is “Does exist a better answer for this context?”

Zumex has decided to dare their existing solutions and innovate again in their main activity… design and produce citrus juicer. 


Design thinking exploration

Looking for a better answer. Zumex Innovation and design team decided to explore and mapping all users jouney. Zumex team identified existing users “pain points” and explored the feasible technical solutions to solve them. Design and R&D Team has arrived to a solution, deeply much more frictionless in terms of user experience.

As result, Zitrux became the first self-cleaning citrus juicer of the market, that also solve how to feed the machine in a more engonomic way. The cleaning process have changed from an intensive process by hand, to a fully automatic process.







Focus in experience

Research for its best interaction, focus on its user experience. Making sure that is accesible and ergonomic. Zitrux is a user friendly comercial juicer that solves all previous user pains in food retail store. Atractive for the end user and frictionless for the staff.



Smooth pouring

Just press with the bottle to get “insta-fresh squeezed juice”. Zumex new tap makes more intuitive experience. Additionally, it messure in ml its daily production. Helping to optimize its maximum perfromance and maximize your bussiness.