Design Lecture at SUAC University, Japan

Colloquium with the students of design at Shizuoka University of Art and Culture  in  2013 and 2014. It was an interesting experience and nice opportunity to talk with the students.


Coloquio con los estudiantes de diseño en laUniversidad de Arte y Cultura de Shizuoka en 2013 y en 2014. Fue una interesante experiencia y una buena oportunidad para hablar con los estudiantes.


Featured on Plaza

Featured on Plaza magazine, for “MADE IN CV” section. Plaza is magazine published by Ediciones Plaza, a montly magazine. It is a print magazine dealing with the trends and people in the spotlight in the Valencian Community.

Plaza magazine

Design thinking y lean startup: Casos Zumex y General Drones

I was invited by Valencialab to talk about how is our creative process at Zumex. I explained the different steps that we have to cross throw until we finalize in a solution or product. Our creative process is based on “Design thinking” adapted for our needs and our personal interpretation to performance this methodology.

“La hora del diseño”. Sala Amadís – Injuve

On next Wednesday May 13 at 19: 30h. Will be start the exhibition “La hora del diseño” curated by Maria Alonso in Room Amadis Youth Institute, organized by INJUVE.

You can find Cp4 Stage which I designed for Yamaha.

Free entrance
Sala Amadís del Injuve
C/ José Ortega y Gasset, 71. 28006 Madrid

New position

Zumex Group, a world leader manufacturing and designing technology solutions for squeezed fruits and vegetables, has named José González director of innovation and creativity of the company.

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Evolving solution based on user needs


The largest spanish newspaper featured last Zumex project. The spanish company has developed a evolved juicer machine from a existing product, based on the basis of user needs. The several innovations designed for this project has been generated by the really close feed back from Mercadona, a supermarket chain, are described on the article:


El país